Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Smell Like Weed?

Everyone at some point when consuming cannabis has had to worry about it’s strong lingering smell, and how to get rid of it. Even though the smell of cannabis doesn’t have the same stigma it use to, it’s still an important topic and not everyone likes the smell of weed. Does vaping weed actually solve the smell problem? Is there any device that is smell proof? We have your answers, keep reading to find out.

Will Vaping Produce a Weed Smell?

The short answer is kind of, let me explain. Vaping weed does smell, the good thing however is that the smell doesn’t stick around the way regular smoke does. Weed vapor dispels and is gone by the time the scent is present. Weed smoke will stick to your hair, clothes, and just stay around in the air. Weed vapor on the other hand doesn’t linger, it dissipates very quickly.

How Long Does Weed Vapor Stick Around?

Depending on the area you decide to vape in, the answer will always be in under a couple of minutes. If you’re vaping outdoors the smell disappears immediately leaving no trace and nothing to worry about. If you decide to vape indoors it comes down to the ventilation of the room. If you are vaping in an enclosed space with no open air, the smell will only stick around for a few seconds to a minute before it’s gone.

Solutions to Weed Smell

While it’s hard to completely get rid of weed smell, there’s some equipment that can definitely help. With smell-proof resistant cases you can put your vape in them similar to a phone case, and it helps conceal the smell. Alternatively, you can get a odor-resistant box to leave your stash and vape in that will eliminate any and all odor.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, yes weed vaporizers do smell like weed but it’s not an issue as it’s vapor rather than smoke and dissipates almost instantly. Smoking weed on the other hand tends to make the smoke linger and stick around for a while. If you’re looking for a discreet way to consume weed without worrying about the smell, vaping is certainly an option you should check out.

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