Dr Dabber Boost EVO Review: Boost to the Next EVOlution in Dabs

Dr Dabber Background Info

Dr Dabber hit the streets in 2013 with the goal to create the ultimate vaporizer. After many years and many attempts they have come a long way, but have they finally done it? The Boost EVO is the latest e-rig in their line of electric dab rigs, this one is their most portable option, but is it the best? We answer all of these questions in this review and find out if this actually is the best vaporizer or if we still need to evolve.


Dr Dabber Boost EVO Review

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Dr Dabber Boost EVO Vapor Production

Performance: How does the Dr Dabber Boost EVO hit?

Vapor Quality

Before I used the device I was a bit frustrated with Dr Dabber. Instead of following the path of their very own Switch and having full control over temperatures with 25+ heat settings, they opted for 6 heat settings. That heat range is also fairly limited in comparison only being capable of heating to 500-750°F. As a big fan of perfect low temp dabs I was also not happy with this, but I was surprised the vapor the EVO produced was smooth, like REALLY smooth. I even took the test to the extreme and overloaded the bowl with a ~0.3 gram dab which it cleared with ease. This portable dab rig really lives up to its name helping us boost to the next evolution of dabbing.


Another thing I thought would be horrible on the EVO that shocked me was the airflow. They had gotten their airflow right in the Switch, but the glass on this device is only 3″ tall and sits directly on top of the bowl. I thought it was going to be a bust it wasn’t and it wasn’t by a lot! The EVO allowed for massive rips, with ease, any other rig would not be able to pull through as much air, or they end up hurting more than helping. The airflow on this was amazing and it honestly was probably some of the best I’ve experienced thus far, but the glass is a bit odd and to load it you have to take the top off every time. It isn’t a big deal other than being a bit quirky.

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Battery: How good is the Dr Dabber Boost EVO’s battery?

The battery on this e-rig is no laughing matter. Coming in at 3400 mAh it is the largest battery we have seen to be crammed into a portable device. Amazingly it has an even larger battery than the Switch did by 400 mAh. It has over 2x the battery life of the Puffco Peak and provides an unbeatable 40-60 sessions per charge. Their patented induction heating technology also helps extend that battery life since it is the most efficient heating method used in vaporizers. If you ever find yourself with a dead Boost EVO you also have no need to worry. Taking only 1 hour to charge through USB-C fast charging the Boost EVO is one of the fastest charging e-rigs. If you can’t handle waiting around while it charges you also don’t need to worry since it has pass through charging you can always dab and charge at the same time.

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Portability: Is the Dr Dabber Boost EVO portable?

Dr Dabber Boost EVO Electric Dab Rig Travel Case

Continuing the trend of positivity is the portability. Our only complaint with its predecessor the Dr Dabber Switch is that it wasn’t portable whatsoever. After years of only having that bulky monstrosity available the EVO filled the gap and solved that problem. Included with purchase is its own carrying case made from automotive grade impact materials making the Boost EVO completely portable and the perfect selection for the best travel dab rig kit.

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Build Quality: Is the Dr Dabber Boost EVO well made?

Dr Dabber really went all out on this electric dab rig. Everything on it feels premium from the case, to the glass, to the base, nothing about it feels cheap. The glass is borosilicate and feels thick and sturdy and would likely withstand a *short* fall. This was all around one of the better made rigs that we have seen and a lot of thought was put into it and corners weren’t cut.

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What’s included with the Dr Dabber Boost EVO?

  • Dr Dabber Boost EVO Device
  • Quartz Atomizer
  • Glass Attachment
  • USB-C Charger
  • Quick Connect Adapter
  • Loading Tool
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Dr Dabber Boost EVO Features

Induction heating technology

What really sets Dr Dabber apart from other electric dab rig designers/manufacturers is their patented induction heating technology. Most vaporizers today use conduction heating technology which uses the battery power extremely inefficiently.

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Additional Information

Does the Dr Dabber Boost EVO have a warranty?

Yes! The Dr Dabber Boost EVO is completely covered by a 1 year warranty. You don’t have to worry if your product ever has any problems as you can contact their 24/7 support within 1 year of purchase. If you were worried about it being too short Dr Dabber’s Switch is covered by a 2 year warranty.

Is the Dr Dabber Boost EVO worth it?

Overall we found that the Boost EVO had exceeded our expectations we set for a portable electric dab rig and provided immense value for what it offered. However it does have a price tag that is still high and unattainable for many. If you were on a budget and wanted an affordable electric dab rig under $200 with similar functionality, we’d recommend taking a look at the Smokeski. However we would highly recommend spending the extra buck since the quality and tech can be a bit better.

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Dr Dabber Boost EVO Review Summary

10 Total Score
Boost Your Dabs to the Next Evolution!

The Boost EVO was by far one of the best devices to release this year. The only downside we found was that it was a bit tedious to take off the glass top to load the bowl every hit, but other than that it was a great rig. If you like to travel and want a high end rig we'd recommend the EVO, if you wanted the same thing on a budget or better value for your dollar we recommend the Smokeski.

Build Quality
Battery Life
  • Amazing Vapor Production
  • RGB Lighting
  • Great Battery Life
  • 60+ Sessions Per Charge
  • 5+ Heat Settings (500°F-750°F)
  • Pass through Charging
  • Bucket Is Under Glass
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Dr Dabber Boost EVO Videos

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Dr Dabber Boost EVO Specifications

Battery Capacity3400 mAh
Charge Time1 Hour
Temperature Range500-750°F (148.88-426.66°C)
Heat Settings6
Heat Up Time12 Seconds
Height7.75” (196.85 mm)
Width2.83” (71.88 mm)
Body MaterialMetal
Glass MaterialBorosilicate
Bucket MaterialsQuartz
Warranty1 Year
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