Kandypens C-Box Pro Vaporizer: Minimal & Portable

Kandypens Background Info

Kandypens has been leading the vaporizer industry for many years now. Releasing solid product after product, they have a really great track record. If you’re into vaping wax or dabbing you’ve most likely heard of their Special K and or Oura. These devices are some of their best sellers and are what make the company so known. Featuring in countless music videos, trending all over social media, and being awarded the best vaporizer by High Times magazine, Kandypens has really earned their place at the top.


Kandypens C-Box Pro Review

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Performance: How well does this entry level vaporizer compare to higher end vapes?

Vapor Quality

When it comes to vaping on cartridges it’s really important to have good vapor quality. You want the perfect mixture of flavor, density, and smoothness. The C-Box Pro tackles all of these very well. Upon first use the flavor was one of the first things I noticed. The vapor the device produced was really pure, and bliss. I could taste much more of the terpenes and it was pretty soothing on my throat resulting in a great experience. Comparing this to using any other vape battery, it actually stands out and you can notice it. The vapor quality is overall superior to many of the other vape mod batteries out there.


It’s hard to master airflow on a device that is being bottle-necked by a cartridge. There is only so much room for improvement as most of the work is done inside of the cart. However, with the C-Box Pro they were able to utilize airways near the cartridge connector for airflow that works as you would expect. It’s a bit better than your average box battery, giving an okay medium between resistance and pull, making it a pleasant experience. You will not be disappointed whatsoever with the airflow on this device.

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Battery: How long will the C-Box Pro last me on a single charge?

The Kandypens C-Box Pro has a 390 mAh battery that is rather powerful. Allowing you to pick between four different voltage variables ranging from Blue 2.3V, Green 3.0V, Yellow 3.6V, and Red 4.2V. You have a wide spectrum to pick from that will fit the needs of any wax consistency and or user preference. The battery works in a way that gets the most use out of it’s size with it’s precise range of voltages. This means yeah it’s 390 mAh, but it utilizes those amp hours differently allowing for a longer life than a typical battery. When on a full charge, the C-Box Pro will last you an entire day or more. Once your device does manage to run out of juice, don’t worry. It takes only up to an hour to charge it back to full allowing you to get right back at it.

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Portability: Is this thing discreet?

The Kandypens C-Box Pro is only 3 inches tall by about 1 inch wide. This vape is the definition of portable, you can travel anywhere with it. It will fit into your pocket and any other small crevice. Personally when I first received this vape I took it with me on just about every bike ride I went on for a while. It became my right hand man, I could take it anywhere I went discreetly in my pocket.

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What’s included with the Kandypens C-Box Pro?

  • Kandypens C-Box Pro Vape Battery
  • 2x Magnetic Adapter
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Additional Information


Kandypens offers a free lifetime warranty on every C-Box Pro purchase giving you the peace of mind you need and deserve. Their lifetime warranty consists of replacing or fixing the battery whenever it goes bad, if it does end up going bad. Their products are for the most part really well put together and you shouldn’t need to worry in the first place about them breaking.


The Kandypens C-Box Pro is worth every dollar. If you’re someone who doesn’t care about crazy features and wants something that does the job, and does it well. This device is definitely for you. For less than $50 you are getting a vape that’s durable, sleek, portable, powerful, long lasting, and best of all, simple. It meets the needs of anyone ranging from beginner to even experts. You’re getting your moneys worth when it comes to every aspect of this device, and we highly recommend it.

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Kandypens C-Box Pro Review Summary

9.2 Total Score
Minimal & Portable: Kandypens C-Box Pro

When it comes to oil box batteries there are hundreds of options. Most devices are relatively cheap and not worth your money. Once in a blue moon you will find something great under $50. Today we happen to be reviewing one of those exceptions. The Kandypens C-Box Pro is an oil vaporizer battery that is just below $50 and offers some pretty great features. Out of all of the box batteries we've reviewed, this one is definitely one of our favorites for any entry level vaper.

Build Quality
Battery Life
  • Great Vapor Flavor
  • Perfect Heat Settings
  • Very Portable
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Sleek & Elegant
  • Thick Clouds
  • None
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Kandypens C-Box Pro Specifications

Battery Capacity390 mAh
Charge Time< 1 Hour
Voltage RangeBlue 2.3V, Green 3.0V, Yellow 3.6V, Red 4.2V
Heat Settings4 Options
Heat Up TimeInstant
Height3” (76.2 mm)
Width1” (25.4 mm)
Weight5 oz (141g)
Body MaterialMetal
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