KandyPens Oura Review: Performance & Quality

KandyPens Background Info

Kandypens started up back in 2014. While most of the other dabbing device companies started up in the middle of 2013, Kandypens was a bit late to the party. This however gave them a huge advantage in the concentrate vaporizer market since the other brands already had their latest and greatest products released. Kandypens knew exactly where the bar was set, so with their first product release, they raised the bar to the ceiling. Being able to produce a device with better hardware than anything else on the market at the time, with better marketing than any other company, it exploded their growth.


KandyPens Oura Review

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KandyPens Oura E Dab Rig

Performance: Does The Oura Feel Like a $300 Device?

Vapor Quality

The clouds and taste from vaporizing concentrates out of the Kandypens Oura is incomparable compared to other dab rigs on the market. Out of all the devices I’ve used, this one might be my favorite. The clouds from this device are extremely milky and thick, which should be expected from a $300 device. However, it doesn’t end there, the vapor retains so much of it’s flavor, making it really pure and rich in taste. At the end of the day it gets the job done really well and ultimately leaves you a happy dabber.


The shape of the glass on the Kandypens Oura is very unique. It’s made in such a way that prioritizes airflow throughout the entire device. This makes using this device similar to a breath of fresh air. It’s extremely satisfying taking rips on this Electric dab rig from big to small, low temp to high temp. Every experience with this device will be one to truly remember.

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Battery: How long is the Oura’s battery life?

The Kandypens Oura comes with a powerful 3000 mAh battery making it last a really long time on a single charge. Compared to many of the other rigs on the market, this one has one of the largest battery sizes. Something else to mention about this device’s battery is that you can fully charge it in under an hour. Not only is the battery huge on this device, but it offers you 4 different heat settings ranging from 490F, 590F, 750F, and 800F respectively. You will rarely ever have down time when using this beast of a rig.

USB-C Charging

This device ships with your standard USB-C charger allowing for fast charging times. Not really anything special, most rigs on the market come with these chargers nowadays. 

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Portability: Is the KandyPens Oura Portable?

Like most of the other desktop dabbers on the market, the Oura is pretty portable. Being only 7 inches tall and 3 to 4 inches wide, it’ll fit in almost any bag. One of the downsides about this device is that it doesn’t come with a case upon purchase. Most dab rig you can buy today includes one with each purchase. It’s really not a deal breaker when it comes down to it.

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Whats included with the Kandypens Oura?

  • Kandypens Oura Device
  • Carrying Bag
  • Quartz Crystal Glass Atomizer
  • Ceramic Cup
  • Nichrome Coil
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • Loading Tool
  • USB-C Cable & Charger
  • Carb Cap
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KandyPens Oura Features

Pass Through Charging

Something unique this device offers is the ability to dab while it’s charging. This means you never have any down time, when it dies you can plug it in and keep going making it perfect for heavy duty dabbers.

Smart Touch

This device offers a power sensor instead of a button marketed as Smart Touch. While this might be a cool feature to some people, I personally don’t mind. I prefer a button over a power sensor, but it still does the job and I’m sure you’ll love it. 

Haptic Vibration Technology

The Oura comes with your typical haptic feedback. When you press the sensor it will vibrate, when it’s ready to dab it’ll vibrate. Haptic Feedback is a basic feature found in almost every dab rig available. The feedback provided by the Oura feels special in a sense, makes dabbing really enjoyable. 

Oura Effect

The Oura effect is another sleek name for RGB lighting on the device that indicates battery level, temperature level, and that’s about it. If you’re someone that likes RGB colors on your devices, then this is definitely another thing about the Oura you will enjoy.

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Additional Information


The Oura’s warranty is above and beyond your typical warranty deal. They will replace all pieces of the device say anything were to go wrong with them. The device itself is very durable, and so are the atomizers so you really shouldn’t need to ever worry about going through the warranty process. On the odd occasion you do need to however, it’s a breeze of a process, the support make it very easy and leave you a happy customer.


The Kandypens Oura in conclusion is the designer of dab rigs. You’re paying for the brand name, the hardware in the device, sleek cool look, and the awesome support the company provides. All of this together is a great valued purchase that you will not be disappointed with.

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KandyPens Oura Review Summary

9.7 Total Score
Immense Performance & Quality

Kandypens knew exactly where the bar was set on dab rigs, so with the release of the Oura, they raised the bar to the ceiling becoming one of, if not the best selling electric dab rig. The device is ultra powerful, durable, and really sleek. With a price tag of only $299.95, you're getting extreme quality for a great price, the value of this deal is an absolute no-brainer.

Build Quality
Battery Life
  • Four Great Heat Settings
  • Huge Battery
  • Short Charging Time
  • Pass Through Charging
  • Smart Touch
  • Oura Effect
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Great Value
  • None
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KandyPens Oura Specifications

Battery Capacity3000 mAh
Charge Time1 Hour
Charge TypeUSB-C
Temperature Range490-800°F (254.444-426.667°C)
Heat Settings4
Heat Up Time20 Seconds
Height7” (177.8 mm)
Width4” (102 mm)
Weight20 oz (567 g)
Body MaterialMetal
Glass MaterialBorosilicate
Bucket MaterialsCeramic, Nichrome, Quartz
WarrantyLifetime (All Parts)
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Where to buy the KandyPens Oura?

Oura For Sale

$299.95 $350
Sold exclusively by KandyPens
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