Pulsar RöK Review: It doesn’t RöK?

Pulsar Background Info

Pulsar® is an online smoke wholesaler that has been in the game for a long time. Their first product launch was the Pulsar 7. This was a portable handheld dry herb vaporizer. Since then they’ve come a long way and carry over one thousand different products. The RöK was Pulsar’s 2nd attempt at entering the e-dab rig market in June 2019. Their first attempt, the hand e-nail, didn’t meet expectations. We put Pulsar to the test and found out if this e-rig RöKs or if their massive product line hinders their focus on making one quality device.


Pulsar RöK Review

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Performance: Does it RöK ya?

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality on the RöK is a double edged sword. It does produce big clouds, but the device gets way too hot and the smoke is harsh. This is not a problem if you prefer high temp dabs, but when optimal temperatures for dabs are around 450-550°F. You’ll be shocked when you find out there are only three heat settings which are: 900°F, 950°F, and 1000°F. It may come down to personal preference, but we think only having the option to take red hot dabs is a big negative.


For all the cons that this e-rig does have it gains some points for its superb airflow. This is the only electric dab rig (that we’ve seen) with an in water showerhead percolation system. These percs help provide strong airflow, a slight cooling effect, and filtration. The RöK is in a unique position being the only device to fit this into the compact design. However this design does bring its cons to achieve this airflow they had to cram a lot of components into a smaller base.

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Battery: How long is the RöK’s battery life?

The battery is one of the biggest cons of the RöK smart rig. Their competitors such as Peak Pro and the Smokeski can expect 30-40 dabs per charge. You can only expect to get up to 10-15 dabs per full charge on the RöK. The true problems are revealed when you go to charge it and realize it takes 2-3 hours for a full charge. While this may work for the extremely casual dabber it doesn’t take the daily dabber to see the problems here.

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Portability: Is the Pulsar RöK portable?

The RöK is small, coming in at only 7” tall and is able to be completely disassembled. That is about all it has going for it in terms of portability though. The norm for e-rigs is to include a travel dab rig kit for easy transport, but the RöK doesn’t. Not only do they not include the dab rig carrying case, but they don’t even have one available for sale. That is definitely out of the ordinary for e-rig’s since they’re primarily meant for travel and portability.

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Build Quality: Is the RöK made well?

Due to Pulsar using multiple manufacturers for their array of devices their product quality isn’t always consistent. The RöK was one of Pulsar’s devices that wasn’t what we came to expect from such a large brand. The top base that houses the electronics with the plastic on it feels cheap. The glass also wasn’t as thick as we’ve come to expect from every rig. All in all the manufacturing and build quality of the RöK felt like that of a cheaper e-rig.

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Whats included with the Pulsar Rok?

What's included in the Pulsar Rok box
  • Pulsar ROK Electric Dab Rig
  • 2x Wire brushes
  • Dry Herb Carb Cap
  • Concentrate Carb Cap
  • V2 Quartz Atomizer Cup
  • Ceramic Atomizer Cup
  • 2x Atomzier splash guards
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 4x Crud Bud Q-Tips
  • Instruction Manual
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Pulsar RöK Features

Isolated Air Paths

The air paths on the RöK are completely isolated. This means you’re not pulling smoke through any of the electronic components or air through seams in the device.

3 Voltage Settings

There are 3 available voltage settings on this device that let you switch between three temperatures. While this is good in theory it is not good in practice, the following is the voltage and corresponding temperatures:


30 second ‘RöK Mode’

This is the main way to use the device, by pressing the ‘dab-trigger’ twice, you can enable ‘RöK Mode’. This will heat up your coil to the selected heat temperature and keep it there for an additional 30 seconds. Alternatively it can be manually held and will automatically shut off in either mode after being activated for 30 seconds.

Flower Mode

If you’d like to use dry herb with your RöK you have that option with the ceramic coil cup. After a bit of testing with the ceramic coil we recommend sticking to pipes for dry herb use. There was excessive charring and it was an all around bad experience.

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Additional Information


While Pulsar’s products do come with a 1 year warranty a lot is not covered under it. The following is not covered under their warranty: mouthpieces, atomizers, coils, titanium, and glass. The only thing you are actually protected from under their warranty is: manufacturer defects, battery problems, and charging problems. 


The RöK really doesn’t provide much when it comes to getting value out of your money. They don’t include all the things everyone’s come to expect when purchasing portable dab rigs. They also don’t have the best quality product for the area they are priced at. If you’re looking for the best rig at the best price, this isn’t it.

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Pulsar RöK Review Summary

6.2 Total Score
Most Underwhelming Dab Rig of 2021

When I heard I was going to review the RöK I came in with high expectations. After getting it and testing it out, I’ve been severely underwhelmed. Just about the only thing this rig got right was the airflow. The battery is weak, it takes forever to charge, they don’t include much, and the only temperature settings are very hot. If you’re looking for a high quality rig without breaking the bank look elsewhere. We would recommend taking a look at our review of The Smokeski.

Build Quality
Battery Life
  • Unbeatable Airflow
  • Good Clouds
  • Tiny Battery
  • Extremely Hot Dabs
  • No Carrying Case Available
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Pulsar RöK Videos

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Pulsar RöK Specifications

Battery CapacityN/A mAh
Charge Time2-3 Hours
Charge TypeMicro-USB
Temperature Range900-1000°F (482.22-537.77°C)
Heat Settings3
Heat Up Time10 Seconds
Height7” (177.8 mm)
Width3” (76.2 mm)
Weight14 oz (397 g)
Body MaterialAluminum Alloy/Plastic
Glass MaterialBorosilicate
Bucket MaterialsCeramic, Quartz
Warranty1 Year
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