Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Review: The Not So Average Grinder

Santa Cruz Background Info

Santa Cruz is a company that specializes in grinders. They started back in early 2012 and got their foot in the door by offering one of the first medical grade grinders for dry herbs. This product release was an absolute hit becoming one of the best selling grinders on todays market. Being so popular for so long, the brand has become known for making exceptionally good grinders.


Santa Cruz Shredder Review

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Performance: Is the Santa Cruz Shredder worth $90?

How It Works

The Shredder works the same as any other grinder with the exception of doing it exceptionally well. The grinder’s main selling point is it’s patented innovative tooth design. The design of the teeth are made to stay sharp and shred your weed without any fail. You simply load your nugs into the top of the grinder, put the lid on, and twist it with the help of its ease of use grip. This will result in some of the finest grounded herb a grinder can provide.

Manufacturing Quality

The quality of the Shredder is nothing to joke around about. It’s made completely out of medical grade materials. With ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum, this thing is durable. The magnets on this grinder are made from top quality rare earth magnet. Overall, every last piece to the shredder is durable and meant to last for life. This is one of the main things that make this grinder so worth it. It stays in a “like new” condition, no matter how many times you use it.

Ease of Use

This grinder is a 4 in 1 meaning there is only 4 pieces to the entire device. This is amazing because it makes it so simple to use. Your average grinder is most likely pretty easy to use as well, but this one couldn’t be easier. It also makes for easy cleaning because you can disassemble it and put it back together without any confusion. You will know which piece goes to which when taking this grinder apart and back together and this makes it a pleasure to use.


The Shredder provides you with pure bliss when grinding up your weed. The teeth on the device are really sharp and designed to make it feel smooth as butter when you grind. Not only this, but it doesn’t get clogged or sticky because of the material it’s made with. You can grind up tons of dry herb in seconds. The Shredder comes in small, medium and large sizes. When it comes to grinders the bigger the better, and this one is no exception.

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Santa Cruz Shredder Features

Patented Tooth Design

The Shredder has diamond like patented teeth that are designed to be the ultimate tool for grinding your weed. The teeth are able to cut through any density of nug without the risk of getting sticky and or clogged. It cuts the herb up into a ground up powder consistency that makes loading your vaporizer a pleasant experience.

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Additional Information


The Shredder offers a lifetime warranty on all grinders they sell from an authorized dealer. You shouldn’t really ever need to get your grinder replaced, but if something does come up, the company has you covered for life. This is another reason we support this product as the #1 spot on our top grinder list.


This grinder is worth every penny of it’s $89.95 price tag. It’s reliable, does the job very well, and is ultra durable. When purchasing this grinder, you’re getting more than a grinder. You’re getting certainty, reliability, and a quality of life upgrade. Unlike other grinders that break and need replaced often, you wont need to worry about that here. You buy this once and you’re set for life when it comes to grinding weed.

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Santa Cruz Shredder Review Summary

9.8 Total Score
Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Review

Upgrading to a quality grinder such as the Santa Cruz Shredder is basically the equivalent of upgrading your 2003 Civic to a newer Mercedes. The difference between the two are insane. The Shredder doesn't get stuck like your average grinder, it grinds up your herb way better, it's a lot easier to use, and it will last you forever. If you're in the market for a grinder, or you are just curious, no matter the situation. We strongly recommend checking out the Santa Cruz Shredder, it's a great device that you might not know you needed.

Build Quality
  • Great Design
  • Very Compact
  • Four Piece Modular Design
  • Real Magnets
  • Medical Grade
  • Innovative Tooth Design
  • Somewhat Expensive
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Santa Cruz Shredder Videos

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Where to buy the Santa Cruz Shredder?

Where to buy the Santa Cruz Shredder?

The best place to purchase this grinder is directly from the manufacturer, Santa Cruz. They offer the best price, and support for the product. Alternatively, you can purchase directly from any authorized reseller.

How to clean Santa Cruz Shredder?

The best way to clean this grinder is by disassembling all four pieces, and placing them in isopropyl alcohol for 20-30 minutes. After it’s done soaking, use a bristle brush on it to wipe any and all gunk off.
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