SLX Large v2.5 Herb Grinder: Goodbye Stickiness.

SLX Grinders Background Info

SLX Grinders is a company that has a single goal in mind. They want to completely defeat stuck grinders once and for all. The company for many years has been specializing in creating grinders that are relatively impossible to get stuck when grinding herb. They use a unique coating on the grinders that eliminates this problem once and for all. The company is all about problem solving, and they did a great job at doing exactly that.


SLX v2.5 Herb Grinder Review

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Performance: Is the SLX Large v2.5 Grinder worth $60?

How It Works

SLX grinders work pretty similar as any other grinder. You take the top lid off of the grinder, fill it with dry herb, then you put the top on and twist it to grind it. The herb that is grounded up falls to the second level of the grinder, allowing for kief to fall to the bottom level. This grinder is very easy to use, and it gets the job done.

Manufacturing Quality

The quality of all SLX grinders are top tier. The companies whole focus is on the quality of the coating, and the rest of the overall grinder. It’s made up of proprietary ceramic, developed from components used to reduce friction on industrial saw blades and other cutting tools. SLX grinders are designed to never chip, flake, or burn on you. The rest of the grinder is made up of fine aluminum, which is a very durable material.

Ease of Use

SLX grinders are made for ease of use. The non stick coating makes it so you don’t really need to clean it ever either. This makes it extremely easy to use, as cleaning it can be an annoying task. Luckily, no need to worry about that, as for the rest of the grinder, it comes in 4 parts with a single set of threads. You ever have the issue when using a grinder that makes it hard to twist together or apart? Well yeah, that cannot happen with an SLX grinder, making it superior in a lot of ways, and very easy to use.


The SLX grinder performs really well, it offers you non stick grinding, a single set of threads, and specially designed teeth to grind through tons of weed. The grip on the grinders allow you to grind dry herb with minimal effort. We found that it honestly has never been easier to grind up our dry herb. The teeth can grind up any type of herb without much friction, it really easily slices through it producing a nice textured grounded up end result. It’s really nice and powerful, and highly recommended.

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SLX Large v2.5 Grinder Features

Non-Stick Ceramic Coating

The SLX grinder line up is mainly focused on it’s non stick ceramic coating. When comparing it to other grinders, this one stands out from the crowd in a huge way with it’s non stickiness. You can use the grinder for a year straight, every single day, and it wont feel any different from when you first opened it up. Simply nothing can stick to it, not weed, tobacco, anything. Most grinders cannot offer this, and it can be such a pain to clean them just to get sticky right away again. Problem solved here, which is why SLX is an A+ in our book.

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Additional Information


All SLX grinders come with a lifetime warranty. If for whatever reason you need a replacement on your grinder, you’re covered. All though, we don’t think that should ever be the case as this thing is nearly indestructible.


The SLX grinder is only $59.99 for their large series which seems to be a steal. It’s a one time purchase of just above $50, and you never need a new grinder again. This grinder does everything any other grinder does, plus it’s basically invincible. It allows you to grind up weed very quickly, easily, and best of all, no cleaning maintenance required afterwards.

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SLX Large v2.5 Grinder Review Summary

9.9 Total Score
SLX Large v2.5 Grinder Review

Grinders are really nice to have, but it's such a pain to clean them. That however is no longer an issue. The SLX grinder series has a special coating allowing for you to never have to really clean your grinder. The ease of use is something that makes me love this device, and it's ability to shred up dry herb. The grip on the grinder, the special teeth design, special coating, make it the easiest grinder on the market to use. All in all, this is one of my favorite grinders, and it's strongly recommended.

Build Quality
  • Proprietary Ceramic Coating
  • 100% Non Toxic
  • Super Smooth
  • 4 Piece Design
  • Single Set Of Threads
  • Comfort Grips
  • Rare Earth Magnet
  • None
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SLX Large v2.5 Grinder Videos

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Where to buy the SLX Large v2.5 Grinder?

Where to buy the SLX Grinder?

The best place to purchase this grinder is from the manufacturer, SLX Grinders. They offer the best price, and support for the product.

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