Smoking Weed VS Vaping

Smoking weed has been around for hundreds of years. Throughout that time cannabis consumption has been constantly improving, adapting, changing, and it always will be. For the longest time people thought that smoking weed was fine and had no negative health affects. This simply isn’t the case, the combustion of cannabis causes negative impact on your lungs, and in extreme cases can cause bronchitis, ouch. Vaping weed on the other hand is a completely different story. You’re strictly vaporizing the THC contents from the flower, leading to harm free vapor. It’s not only more safe to vape cannabis, but it gets you higher as well.

Health Concerns

Smoking comes with it’s health concerns, and we’re here to address those concerns. While smoking weed isn’t nearly as bad as smoking cigarettes, it still comes with it’s negative side affects. Particularly the fact that it can lead to pulmonary and respiratory problems considering weed smoke has irritants, toxins, and carcinogens. These are bad for your health, and especially bad for you to inhale into your lungs, and it’s not recommended. The immune system is another thing that can be affected from weed smoke causing damage to cells that help with the removal of germs and dust. This is dangerous and can lead to infections of your lower respiratory tract. This usually happens with chronic weed smokers, but anyone can be affected by this.

When it comes to vaping cannabis, you’re not actually combusting the flower. This means there is no smoke for you to inhale, leading to significantly less cell damage. Because of this, vaping wins by a landslide when it comes to health and side affects. Another great thing is the fact that it overall makes you less likely to get lung infections. If you do any amount of research, you will see in every situation, vaping weed is healthier.


Which method of weed consumption is actually more convenient, and easy to get going?


When it comes to a vaporizer, all you need to do is grind up your weed and place it into your device, simple. There is a few things to remember however such as keeping your weed vape charged, and clean so it’s ready to go in seconds. If we are talking about joints on the other hand, it takes a while to pick your weed apart, grind it, roll it up, and you also need to have a lighter in order to spark it. Clearly you can see a joint is a lot more steps, overall there is a lot less preparation when it comes to any weed vape vs a joint.


Being discreet is an area that weed vaporizers absolutely excel in. When you compare a vape to a joint, obviously the joint is a lot smaller. However, if you have your device out on a table no one would ever know that there was weed inside of it. If you had a joint out, pretty much everyone would recognize what you have. Another great thing about weed vapes is that the weed smell doesn’t stick to you or your clothes as it’s vapor. Joints in comparison will leave you reeking havoc, it’s really hard to get rid of the smell which is usually a dead giveaway.

Vaping Weed Actually Gets You Higher

When it comes to smoking weed, people are always wondering the same question. What exactly will get me the highest? The answer is clear and simple, it’s vaping. The reason behind this is that when smoking weed you can easily burn some of your terpenes and THC. When these burn it’s basically loosing a bit of your high in a sense. When vaping your weed you retain up to 95% of the THC which leads to a faster, longer lasting, and stronger high. When studies were done on this, it was concluded that people who vaped weed had a higher percentage of THC in their body. Vaporizers also take a little bit of weed a lot further than your average joint due to taking advantage of the surface area of your grounded flower. A joint is usually one gram of weed, once you smoke it it’s done. Vaporizers however use a bit less than a gram and can last for five plus sessions meaning you get way more out of your weed.

Final Thoughts

When comparing smoking to vaping, our definitive winner is vaping. This is because vaping is more cost effective, more convenient, and better than smoking in regards to your overall health. The high when vaping is also a lot stronger, and longer lasting which makes it a no brainer. The only thing smoking has on vaporizing weed is maintenance. Vapes require frequent cleaning and charging and when weighing all the pros and cons, it’s not a big deal, smoking cannot compare.

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