Ultimate Volcano Desktop Vaporizer Guide

So you’re stuck deciding between the Volcano Hybrid and the Volcano Classic, huh? Don’t worry, we have you covered! In this guide we will go over in detail everything each vaporizer has to offer, which device is better at this or that, and all their pros and cons. When you leave this guide, you will be fully educated and informed on which Volcano vaporizer is the right one for you. You will not have a single question left in your head prior to purchase.

The Volcano Classic

All the way back in the year 2000 came the release of the Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel. It was the only vaporizer on the entire market, a first of it’s kind. Every other device came after, making the Classic well, a true classic. Offering the ability to vaporize cannabis at such an early time led it on it’s path to be a best selling device for years, and grow a cult like following. Along with this, the device is actually pretty good. It’s managed to withstand the test of time for over 20 years now which is insane to say about any product.

The Volcano Hybrid

The Volcano Hybrid released in 2019 by Storz & Bickel. It was an instant hit for many reasons, but mainly because of the reputation the company has built over the last 20 years. With such a history of producing great devices, the hybrid was no exception. Coming in with all new tech, unheard of features, a new whip, updated heater, faster heat up time, smartphone app, and much more that you will learn about below.

Volcano Hybrid vs Volcano Classic Build Quality

When diving into the build quality of each device, at first glance they might look relatively similar. However, do not let this confuse you, they’re very much different devices that have advantages over one another in quite a few areas. The Volcano Hybrid now comes with a digital display along with a new modern touch screen making it much more user friendly. When comparing it to the classic that had a knob and not much else, this is quite the improvement. Along with this, the Volcano Hybrid introduced a dramatically updated and improved filling chamber. Doing so fixed some of the issues the classic had where it would come undone too easily.

One of the other huge changes in build quality introduced to the Hybrid is the fact that they made it 20 times more user friendly. We already mentioned the new touch new touchscreen, but it also got an improved Double Helix Heating Coil and filling chamber. Simply put, this means there is less parts you need to worry about, and the parts are much easier to put together and setup.

Volcano Hybrid vs Volcano Classic Performance

When it comes to performance, it really doesn’t matter which device you choose. Both of them will blow you away equally with their clouds and flavor production. Both devices yield very rich, smooth, and clean dense vapor. One of the downsides to the Volcano Classic however is it’s heat up time. On average it can take the classic 2-3 minutes to reach your desired temperature. The Hybrid however is ready to go in 40 seconds or less thanks to it’s all new Double Helix Heat Exchanger. You can clearly see how the Hybrid wins in this category, by a large margin.

If you are someone that cares about the temperature of the vapor you’re inhaling, than this next part is for you. The Volcano Classic offers a heat range from a low of 266 degrees up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The Volcano Hybrid on the other hand lets you do a lot lower temp at 104 degrees on the low end, going up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit on the high end. It can be nice to have the wide variety of heating options that the Hybrid offers. This is another category the Volcano Hybrid wins at a landslide in.

One of the final insane performance features these devices offer are their balloons and tubes. The Volcano Classic only offers you a balloon that you fill up with a massive amount of vapor, then you inhale it. The Volcano Hybrid on the other hand lets you decide between the balloon, and it’s all new air tube. The tube allows you to have a continuous vaping session. You don’t have to sit a wait for a balloon the size of a blimp to fill up. You can be ready to go in under a minute considering it has a 40 or so second heat up time. Because of the fact you can choose between either method with the Hybrid, it makes it the ultimate winner.

Volcano Classic vs Volcano Hybrid Comparison Chart

Volcano Classic vs Volcano HybridEpic Desktop Vaporizer Showdown
Touch Screen Display
Heat Up Time
1-3 Minutes
40 Seconds
Lowest Temperature
Balloon Support
Tube Support
$479.00 USD
$699.00 USD
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Volcano Classic vs Volcano Hybrid Pros/Cons

Volcano Classic Pros
  • Cheaper Alternative
Volcano Classic Cons
  • Takes A While To Heat Up
Volcano Hybrid Pros
  • Digital Display
  • Ease of Use
  • Shorter 40 Second Pre Heat Time
  • Easier To Use & Better Filling Chamber
  • Smartphone App
Volcano Hybrid Cons
  • Almost Twice As Expensive

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